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My Story


A love of babies - food - crafts and all things French, inspired me to express my passions in Babette’s Feast To Go.  Reminiscent of the movie Babette’s Feast, I wanted to create a brand that marries the things I care about and want to share with the community.  Several years ago, I went to a baby shower for young professionals and I wanted to create a “stand out” gift, so I had an idea to decorate baby diapers and onesies with Sushi themed fabric to match a baby board book I found, “first book of sushi” and packaged them in take out boxes.  I received accolades and orders from that shower.  Since then, the food themed burp cloths and onesies have been my special “go to” gift for Baby Showers and baby gifts.  

Recently retired, and now a grandma, I realized that I would love to launch a business to create unique handcrafted baby gifts.  I wanted to share these unique limited batch special gift items with others.  

Learning about food is a great way to learn about other cultures and I now offer 6 different food themes to chose from.  Caring so much about kids and the quality of their lives, I also wanted to make sure that every purchase will benefit children with food insecurities, so donations are being made to No Kid Hungry and LA Food Bank

I hope that you share the joy I have in creating these gift items



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